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Join us May 16th for TEMPLE OF BREAKS at King King. We are very excited for this line up, definitely not be missed. Lots of great talent to make you dance. See you on the dance floor.


BARTEK – 1/2 member of Quade/Quadmusic – L.A.

Bartek has been DJing and producing original music since 1999 as a founding member of the former RootaBreaka crew. He is now a regular at Moontribe Gatherings, Burning Man, Raindance, and many more distinguished Electronic Music based events, as well as writing and producing a wide range of music under various aliases including Quade.

His affinity for bass weight, forward thinking sound design, syncopation, and hallucinatory audio will take you on a journey through multiple genres including: Electro, Breakbeat, IDM, 2step, Drum n Bass, Glitch, Tribal, World Music, and Rave.

2014 will be a huge year for Bartek and his various alter-egos.
Keep an eye open for the first of a string of original music releases and sound design sample packs on his upstart label Bartek Industries in the spring of 2014.


EARTHQUAKE STATE – 10th Degree Records – L.A.


Earthquake State is an edgy bass hop duo from L.A., California. Their dynamic sound is Influenced by west coast lifestyle, booming bass & world rhythms

The group is made up of DJ/Turntablist/Producer, C.O.R. and MC/Producer/DJ, MR.RICHTER. Their heavy hitting multi-genre music is ready to shake up dance floors worldwide. Get to ready to rumble!



He has been one of the integral pioneers of the Los Angeles Underground Dance music scene. Djing, producing and remixing music under the moniker or DJ OSCURE, FUNKY GHETTO PHONICS, and SKAMA87. His friends and fans have named him the Godfather of Breaks in LA, not only for his dedication to the breaks genre, but for laying down the ground work for many djs, and upcoming producers alike. DJ OSCURE is the founder of LABA-Los Angeles Breakbeat Association and now a proud new member of the EMA-Electronic Music Alliance.

Oscure’s track selection combined with turntable skills keeps the dance floors rockin, there’s a reason why his dj schedule has not taken a pause since the late 1990′s. His original music productions have been licensed and released on several labels including his own indie label LABA Recordings. Some of his Studio collaborations include musicians like Run DMC, Sula, Medusa & the Feline Science, ILL Knob(Wu-Tang), Stacy Brandt, and Eastern Sun. and recently a remix for Booty Traxx Record. Check out his latest release out on Booty Trax Records – A.S. Beat and Alaska MC remixes by DJ Oscure, DJ Loomer, and Blacklist. Out March 17th on Beatport and where available.


EVA – Face Melter at LABA…

Eva’s east coast roots have helped develop her taste in dark, dirty and raw beats ranging from electro bass and breakbeats to dubstep, and everything in between. Her stylized selections have brought her to audiences around the nation, sharing the stage with such notable international artists including Crystal Method, Stanton Warriors, Reid Speed, DJ Icey, Deekline & Wizard, Freestylers, Krafty Kuts as well as Miami based legends and personal heroes Jackal & Hyde, Hydraulix, Supernaut, Merlyn, and many more. In addition to a rigorous solo dj schedule Eva’s ongoing creative collaborative efforts also include extensive work with an all female roster of divas: JULZ MC is a frequent partner in crime as are her dj crews, Bitches on the Switches & White On Rice, Divas. Her most successful pairing has been with So-Cal electro bass pioneer Athena, together known as Kimchee Love. You can catch her locally without fail at her Hollywood breakbeat monthly BROKE AS F**K, formerly (BROKE on Sundays) steadily keeping the breakbeat vibe alive in Los Angeles since 2007. Look for her as she continues to rinse out sweaty crowds across the nation.



Chad Rock is back from his world tour and ready to drop some Bass for You in his home of L.A. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California Member of LABA since 1996. Droppin’ the mad Funk Rawk on dance floors throughout.


BK WILLY – Take Back the Night Productions

BK Willy is the founder and front man of Take Back the Night Productions.

His slamming breakbeats, liquid drum and bass, and funky glitch hop sets will leave any dancer sweaty and satisfied.

BK Willy (Baker Wiles) hails from the colder regions of the country, Minnesota. His musical influences range everywhere from Frank Sinatra to Glen Miller to Dr. Dre to the Spencer Davis Group.

In college Baker gained exposure to independent bands and hip hop artists, as well as the underground electronic music scene that would soon become his home.
In 2006, BK made friends with a DJ, Inande, who exposed him to large scale parties in Minneapolis where he was able to see artists such as: Oliver Lieb, Dieselboy, Dara, Evol Intent, and DJ Rap.

In 2009, BK Willy moved to Los Angeles. His exposure to the underground music scene continued to grow deeper when he formed connections with The Do Lab and began working for them as a volunteer for “Lightning in a Bottle,” an electronic music festival held annually. He also began promoting with the Do Lab for such artists as: The Glitch Mob, RJD2, Love & Light, Paper Diamond, Russ Liquid, Vibesquad, and more.

BK Willy launched Take Back the Night on Oct. 22, 2011 and his life hasn’t been the same since. TBTN has evolved into a full scale production company, event consulting firm, pro audio sales/rental service, and a booking agency, all with BK at the reins.
BK Willy is inspired by fellow promoters, The Good Vibe, and is a member of The Dirty Beetles (an artist collective in Los Angeles).

“Big ups and much love” – BK



ncRNA’s (Nathan Walworth) roots reside in soulfully-sexy old school R&B and Hip Hop, which pervade into the love for bass-influenced grooves.

Noncoding has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with the likes of Eoto, Giraffage, Ill.gates, Pumpkin, Laura Low (of Lowriderz), various Headtron Producers, just to name a few.

Noncoding has always had a curious palette for contemplative wonder naturally leading him into his pursuit for science and music at the molecular level. As an evolutionary microbiologist and molecular music producer, Noncoding blends both music and science into a lifestyle enveloped in balanced consciousness. Whether it be studying Global Change Evolution in Antarctica or seducing dance floors in Los Angeles, Noncoding’s lifestyle perpetually evolves in a DrEM.


LABA FLYGIRLS – Performers

LA’s very own LABA Flygirls are the official dance crew for the Los Angeles Breaks Association. These girls rock the bass like no other.

The LABA FLY GIRLS rock the bass like no other with their hyphy steeze and bad a$$ moves they always bring the supa fly vibes. We are a multi talented group of dancers and performers with skills ranging from hooping to twerking. We bring the vibes and the looks making every LABA performance fresh and fun…trust us you want the Fly Girls at your event 😉



I was born in Arkansas in December 1981, and grew up in California, which for my parents the move feed into their American dream of being a part of the booming aircraft industry and economic security. As a child I always wanted to see more, look more, and draw more. My main actives were playing sports, playing with lego’s, drawing, or just watching everything around me. I was somewhat of a sponge in my environment. I have always been a big time people watcher, and a very good listener. I enjoy observing the way everyone interacts with the world in their own unique way. As a child, I drew portraits of people I encountered in my day to day life. Cartoons, comics books, and caricatures were some of my first artistic inspiration. I spent many of my summers after school was out on road trips to Las Vegas, Laughlin, Big Bear, Silver lake, Salton Sea and Palm Springs. The final destination was almost always Lee’s Ridge, Arkansas which provided an abundance for my eyes to see and my body to experience. In the rural south in which my family and I are from, I got to experience nature on an epic scale. I was able to swim in rivers and lakes, fish, hunt, cut down trees, cleared fields, get bite by insects and most importantly be surrounded by family. So most of my art is dealing with humans interaction with nature.

Nature has always been a huge influence on me. From looking to the ground at insects, turtles, snakes and rocks to the clouds with its birds, trees and constant change. Comprehending the world around has always been of the utmost importance. I have always had a love affair with birds, so my new series of paintings and sculpture uses them as a tool of understanding. My latest body of work is entitled “Ornithology” which is the study of birds is a series of works that is dealing with what is not seen in people on the surface and the language used to describe them. I want this work to tell a story about the human body and soul with birds as a vehicle of understanding. The ability to fly has away being a dream of human being and my art questions that idea. I hope some of this work helps people mentally fly because humans do not have wings.


PROTO – Artis

Art is an experience. It is an idea. It is how we communicate. It is an ongoing movement where each day is a lesson learned. My name is Agapito Doronio, I am a graphic designer, illustrator and founder of LA based art community, Collective Aesthetics. Please enjoy this compilation of ideas, inspirations, performances, group updates, and creativity from around the world.


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