Founded by one of L.A.’s original pioneering breakbeat producer Dj Oscure. L.A.B.A began during the Summer of 1996. He had a vision to put together an association to promote and keep the breakbeats alive in L.A. During the end of the 90’s it seemed people were not appreciating breakbeats like they did when techno first hit the scene. Most of the early techno hits were based around breakbeats. In order to give this genre of music more love and appreciation L.A.B.A. was born.
     After several years of their amazing dj sets, successful events, club nights and promotions L.A.B.A is a staple in the Los Angeles underground scene. Spectators and fans have seen this crew rip it up from on many dancefloors across the Country and World wide.  Even though breakbeats have evolved and grown into even other genres you will find L.A.B.A. in the forefront, and current.
     This crew is extremely talented in not just mixing records but, cutting, scratching, and in producing original music. Producers of L.A.B.A. include Oscure, Odeed, Commander of Bass, RocRite, Fester, Chadrock, Suspender, and Jfunk.
     We believe the tempo, syncopation, and Funkrock of our music makes you want to get down and dance. Check us out at an upcoming show.

*The Breakbeat General suggest you get at least 80 min of Breakbeats everyday. It could improve your dance life. 

L.A.B.A. – Your Best Source of Funkrock!